Atelier Martin Ceramics

Atelier Martin Ceramics

Atelier Martin

The story of Atelier Martin is inspired by the richness of diverse cultures and defined by simplicity and functionality. 

After spending some years in Europe working closely with artists, Marie Martin combined her family’s move to China with the pursuit of her own calling: to make ceramics. Well-known for its ancient ceramic industry, Marie’s new home provided a compelling context in which to begin her journey, which started in a local studio among Chinese philosophical conversation and learning methods. 

The craftsmanship she encountered on her travels around Asia, from textile and furniture to religious artefacts, were vital inspiration alongside the cultures themselves. Witnessing people make time for what matters most to them - celebrating deities, revering and caring for elders - convinced Marie of the importance of the process of creating, as well as the finished result. This philosophy lies at the heart of Atelier Martin: from the clay preparation, throwing, drying, and firing, each step of the ceramic-making process is honored.

Marie Martin’s early days of Chinese-inspired ceramic making were built upon and enriched by studying at the American University City College of San Francisco. Here, the exploration of materials and the pursuit of self-expression added a layer of sophistication and originality - yet always with utmost respect for simple form - to Marie’s ceramic style. 

The birth of Atelier Martin is the story of these strands coming together, forming in a collection that is decorative yet functional; an oasis for the overstimulated senses; a celebration of ethnic design fused with understated simplicity. Marie’s recent Cocoon Series marries the warmth and tenderness of ceramic with the rugged utility of cotton rope. Each piece combines tactile sensuality with purpose: an indoor plant basket, or a home for your coffee capsules, yarns, or makeup products.