Rockin' craft wood burned clip

Rockin' craft wood burned clip

A handmade product is more valuable because you're buying a unique item, made by hand by an expert in hours with the best material, energy, and - most importantly, heart.

Handmade goods mean attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and a significant amount of time and skill, all of which means a lot of different from mass production. This is the reason why handmade products are more expensive than others.

The video clip just shows a very rough of the working process of wood burned art. The real process I do is more than what the video shows.

Step 1: Preparing the Wood

Preparing the Wood
Inspect the wood to make sure there are no dents or markings on it. Take the sandpaper and sand the wood to a nice, smooth finish to make sure to get an even surface.

Step 2: The design phase

I sketch most of my ideas before I start hand-burned. Sometimes I just start doodling and see where it takes me. Other times I have exactly what it will look like all planned out, and I want to get it down on paper so I don’t forget anything. Then I start drawing on the wood and sometimes still need to redesign due to the shape of the wood and hope the graphic can spread exactly what I want.

Step 3: Hand-burned on the wood

To burn the major lines and then focus on doing the details and taking it slow. When I have to burn a darker part, it's not easy, I need to carefully keep going over the same line until it is dark enough to match the rest of the work.
When burning the wood, it gives off more smoke than others, smoke which can be breathed in and become irritating to your lungs and could make your eyes tears. To counteract this, put on a fan if you're working in an enclosed area.

Sometimes there are parts on the work where you did not exactly match the sketch line, I have to take sandpaper and lightly sand the entire piece to get rid of any shallow burns and graphite marks. Clean all the sawdust off the wood, making sure to get it out of all the lines.

Some of my artworks need to add shading on it. It is the hardest part and takes some experience.

Step 4: Put a wood finisher on your project

The last step is to put a wood finisher on your product. Let this dry thoroughly before your wood burning project is completely finished.

Handmade life is really fun and attractive to us. Rockin Craft will go on producing more interesting items and share them with you.

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